About Me

This is me, at about two years of age. I was born in Brazil where I was always surrounded by lots of cousins and aunts and uncles. My grandfather had some land where he planted many kinds of fruits and vegetables to feed his very large family. Apparently he always wanted to live in the countryside, but my grandmother was a city girl. I guess I take after my grandfather. My mom and dad decided to immigrate to Canada with me and my three older siblings in about 1981. It was winter time, and it was cold!

In 1999, my husband and I bought some land in James River Bridge Alberta and began to raise our beautiful family of six kids. Three girls and three boys. Life became more full and abundant than I ever could have imagined and as our family grew, so did my desire to become more self sufficient. With the help of many wonderful mentors who have become life long friends, I was able to progress from a girl who couldn't tell the difference between a weed and a useful plant, to someone who now understands the vital role that plants and nature play in our lives. Living alongside nature every day was a magical and unforgettable experience and blessing! My passion for flowers, namely perennials really took root when I visited a friend's garden. She had created the most beautiful oasis in her very own back yard that I had ever seen! It inspired me to start learning everything I could about perennials so that one day I could achieve similar results. 

One of the greatest blessings from learning to garden is the impact it has had on my kids. They have all learned to work hard and have developed a love of nature and of God and all His beautiful creations. Many important talks and life lessons have been learned while working in the garden together. 

Here, my little daughter and I are starting the clean up work of getting things back to beautiful after our renters moved out. It's a labour of love.

In 2012 we decided to move back to Calgary. I tried to bring most of my perennials with me when we moved; I was determined to not have an ugly, dried up, patchy front lawn. I wanted to bring what I had learned to love with me to the city and make the best of things. I was shocked when I tried to dig a long narrow bed along the driveway to place my perennials in; I could hardly get the shovel in the ground. It was so rocky and was mostly gravel under the sod. When I peeled back the layer of sod, I could see there were no signs of visible life. No worms, no beetles, nothing! Although the conditions were rough, my babies had to get in the ground, so I ran out and bought a bunch of bagged manure and compost, finished flipping out the sod and amended the soil as best I could. My perennials were in the ground and safely tucked away for the winter. Slowly and patiently I have been able to establish a beautiful front yard perennial garden that attracts birds and insects of all kinds. It brings me so much joy and peace to be able to go outside and sit quietly among the shrubs and flowers. 


Border by driveway


Kids and puppy splashing in puddles in the front garden.

So Many Interests, So Little Time

I have many interests, including music, art, writing and of course, gardening! I began writing fiction about fifteen years ago and have published a few books. A children's picture book called, 'Kiki the Nose Picker,' a young adult novella called, 'Into the Lives of Others,' and a young reader historical fiction novel called, 'The James River Kids.' I am currently working on writing a series of gardening books to add to my list of publications, so please subscribe to my website and stay tuned for that. I have also published a few articles for Canada's, Harrowsmith Magazine Almanac. After gardening for over 26 years, I have inevitably learned a few things, but I am still always learning and growing. That's one of the many wonderful things about gardening; there's always something new to learn.

Kiki loves to pick her nose but her nose picking obsession has gone too far! With boogies being found everywhere, this bad habit has got to stop! But as Kiki considers how much she loves to pick her nose, she discovers that she's not the only one who enjoys a good pick. This is a great story for anyone who has a nose.

Children's Picture Book - Paperback - Amazon.ca

Paperback - Amazon.ca

Paperback - Amazon.ca

For those who love to journal! Whether you are tracking your bed time dreams or dreaming big throughout the day, the 'Dream Journal' will help you keep track of  all those thoughts and ideas that inspire you throughout the year.

Use 'The Things I See - Wildlife Journal' to draw or write about your experiences in nature. This is a great journal for kids, gardeners and nature enthusiasts who enjoy observing nature.

Family Fun! 

Our family love's to have fun! There are scortching hot days at the air show, hikes in the mountains and lazy days at the lake. Whatever we can do together always ends up being so much fun!

Winter Hiking

Lazy Days at Glennifer

Zoolights in Calgary

Our family just keeps growing!

Thank you for joining me at Perennial Living! Please feel free to comment or ask questions. I'm so happy to be a part of your journey down the perennial path. Happy gardening!




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